This PFI funded project with an overall value of £730m houses facilities to convert household waste into PAS 100 accredited compost.

This particular phase of the project consisted of four individual zones. Roofs were a combination of insulated single skin self-curved Euroclad SF500 roofs with site rolled sheet lengths in some instances of just under 100mr long and totalling over 25,000m2.

To accommodate the fire ratings required for such an environment, varying thicknesses of Eurobonds Firemaster panel was utilised to the walls, with a mixture of over-clad rainscreen of single skin trapezoidal cladding and twin skin traditional cladding in other areas.

Due to the various interfaces between varying specifications, combined with the varying steel around the 4 units, this project required over 130 drawing to enable the cladding to be installed correctly.

The Waterbeach

  • Date:
    October 2008
  • Client:
    Arc Roofing Limited

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